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Category: Living Insights

The 5 Most Important Rules of Working from Home

Working from home is far more complicated than getting paid to “sit around all day”. In fact, there are many remote workers who have let their work life take over their home. It is important to set some boundaries to prevent your work life from creeping into your family life. Sound scary? It doesn’t have to be if you follow these few simple rules of working from home.

Do I Make Enough Money to Invest?

Many people see investing as the mystical key to wealth, but at the same time, too complicated for the average investor and requiring a lot of extra income to do successfully. This is not the case. Investing can be complicated, but it does not need to be, and it certainly is not only for the super-rich.

When Refi Isn’t Right

Refinancing while rates are low can be quite tempting, but it’s not always the smartest choice. Before calling up your mortgage lender, consider these reasons why putting your refinance plans on hold may be a better move.

Fireplace Fire Safety Tips

There is nothing quite like the ambiance that a fireplace can create, with family gathered around to appreciate its warmth and pleasing light. Of course, an open fire is dangerous, so keep these tips in mind before you light the logs.