Business Insurance

Protect Your Business

We do much more than just sell insurance policies. We create customized risk management programs that mitigate the negative effects losses can have on an organization.

Companies and organizations should have a risk management program in place that establishes structure for planning, leading, and controlling the organization’s resources and activities to protect itself and fulfill its business objectives cost-effectively.

Our approach to considering risk management starts with our Insurance Risk Management Survey, a step-by-step form that collects the information needed to assess your organization’s exposures.

This Risk Management Process may reveal exposures you had not yet considered while suggesting methods for treating exposures.

We represent a full range of highly rated insurance companies to meet the diverse needs of our clients and build an appropriate program for each client’s organization.

Property & General Liability

Am I really covered?

Professional & Management Liability

You’re a professional; have the insurance to back you up.

Commercial Automotive

Keep your business on the road.

Workers’ Compensation

Protect your employees and your company.

Cyber Liability

Not just for tech companies anymore!

Group Employee Benefits

Wellbeing for you and your team.

Voluntary Benefits

Extras for your employees!

Life & Disability Insurance

When a business counts on a leader, count on Bryn Mawr Trust Insurance Advisors