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When it comes to offering insurance products for different industries, it’s important that these products be created with knowledge of the industries, the work that they do, the risks that they face in their line of work, and how they can potentially be affected by a claim or lawsuit.

The programs offered through BMTIA are tailored to several key areas, and were created with specialized knowledge and expertise of these industries. In partnership with insurance companies with an understanding of niche markets, these programs provide comprehensive coverage and risk management solutions.

Through this program, BMTIA provides tailored coverage for the following industries:

  • Nonprofit & Social Services

    Nonprofit and social services organizations do great work with the communities they serve and contribute to the fabric of our society. However, due to their use of volunteer workers, the varied work that they do and their often-limited budgets, these organizations rarely find the coverage that they need at the right rate from traditional business insurers. With the program offered by BMTIA, nonprofit and social services organizations can receive General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Crime Insurance, Commercial Automobile Insurance, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation. In addition, the program offers risk management and loss control services that will help these organizations to reduce their potential exposures.

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  • Information Technology

    Due to the sensitive data that they handle on a daily basis, Information Technology (IT) firms face many complex and potentially costly liability exposures that will not only affect their bottom line but also their reputation and competitiveness among their customers and vendors. This program provides many insurance coverages including General & Professional Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Crime Insurance, Commercial Automobile Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation.

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  • Performing Arts

    When it comes to putting on a large-scale production or performance, there are numerous important details to take care of, and countless ways in which the event could go wrong and lead to accidents, injuries, claims, or lawsuits. BMTIA offers an exclusive “Artsurance” program for the performing arts, with coverage for performances including theatre productions, orchestras, choirs, ballets, art galleries, and more. This program offers custom-tailored Commercial General Liability insurance coverage including Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Personal & Advertising Injury, Damage to Rented Premises, and Medical Expense.

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  • Executives

    It is not uncommon for business executives to face lawsuits and claims from clients as well as their own employees. When providing insurance for executives, it’s important to understand what their exposures are and offer enough coverage for these often very costly claims. Because typical Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance and Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance policies will not cover personal liability claims against corporate executives, specialized coverage is necessary. A program that includes coverage such as Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance, Employee Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance, Crime Insurance, and Fiduciary Liability Insurance will provide managers, directors, and executives with the coverage that they need.

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  • Physicians & Medical Professionals

    BMT Insurance Advisors specializes in implementing holistic insurance plans for medical professionals and medical practices, including: nurses, dentists, fellows, and medical students. These programs aim to educate these professionals about potential liabilities that could lead to losses in their day-to-day work. The plans within these programs can provide these professionals an alternative to achieve their financial goals and objectives in the event of death or disability.

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  • Foreign Service

    Your service can take you around the world. With our Foreign Service coverage, you can rest easier knowing you and your family have the broad range of coverages and world-class service that have protected members of the Foreign Service for decades no matter where they serve. Whether you need coverage for personal property, professional liability, group accident, or a combination of everything, our experts can get you the coverage you need with the personal service you deserve.

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