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Protection for Your Nonprofit

Protection for Your NonProfit

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Nonprofit & Social Services

Due to their specialized risk profile, unconventional business model, and often limited budget, organizations within the nonprofit and social services niche require specialized insurance products. The programs offered through BMTIA allow these organizations to mitigate their risks, minimize losses, and reduce costs while working towards their mission.

This portfolio of insurance products and services addresses the unique and complex risks of the nonprofit and social services sector. This program covers many different types of organizations, ranging from museums and performing arts to charter schools, community action agencies, drug and alcohol facilities, and more.


    Working through a lawsuit, as well as potentially covering the cost of a judgment, can be financially devastating for a nonprofit organization with a limited budget. This program’s Liability insurance package includes Premises and Operations, Personal and Advertising Injury, Professional Negligence, Sexual Misconduct, Improper Contact, Volunteer Liability, Tail or Prior Acts, and Special Events.

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  • Property Insurance

    Property insurance coverage can present cost challenges for nonprofits. A Commercial Property program can be designed to cover a organization’s assets including the building space, its contents, computers and other media equipment, inventory, and supplies. The program can also include Business Interruption and Extra Expense coverage.

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  • Crime Insurance

    Many nonprofit organizations are especially susceptible to both internal and external crime exposures. Whether crimes are committed by unethical employees or criminals with no relation to the organization, this program’s comprehensive crime coverage will respond to a wide range of exposures. Included coverages are Employee and Volunteer Dishonesty/Bonding, Money and Securities, and ERISA Bonding. Also included is the implementation of risk management and loss control services.

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  • Cyber Liability

    Nonprofit and social service organizations in fact have their own unique set of cyber liability concerns. While Nonprofits do not operate under the same business model as “for profit” businesses, they still conduct many of the same operational activities and are subject to many of the same risks of data breach.

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  • Commercial Automobile Insurance

    Automobile accidents are among the top claims for nonprofits and social services organizations. The Commercial Automobile Liability policy will cover the varied risks that nonprofits face, with coverage including Company-Owned Vehicles, Hired & Non-Owned Vehicles, and Uninsured & Underinsured Motorists Liability. The program can also provide assistance in implementing driver training programs for nonprofit organizations.

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  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

    Directors & Officers (D&O) solutions for nonprofits will protect organizations directors and officers against a number of mismanagement liability claims including fiduciary liability, mishandling of funds, and employment practices.

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  • Workers’ Compensation

    Many nonprofits and other organizations that have a large population of volunteer employees have difficulties obtaining the right Workers’ Compensation coverage. This program can offer statutory coverages, a worksite evaluation, cost containment services, and loss prevention programs. Organizations can also have their current policy and associated information examined for potential areas of improvement.

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  • Employee Benefits

    This program’s benefit solutions will allow nonprofits to attract and retain their team members while working within their financial limitations. This competitive program can offer benefits such as Medical Insurance, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Long- and Short-Term Disability Insurance, Vision Insurance, Accident Insurance, and Drug Plans. Voluntary benefits can also be implemented if desired.

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