Personal Excess Umbrella Liability

Sometimes things go wrong.
Make sure you have the right protection.

Often called Umbrella Protection, personal excess liability insurance expands your protection beyond what’s in your homeowners and vehicle policies. This additional coverage is an important part of your insurance portfolio to protect you when the personal liability protection provided by your standard policies has been exhausted. Your Bryn Mawr Trust Insurance Advisor will help you understand if additional liability coverage is needed.

You might need excess liability coverage if you:

  • Own a home
  • Drive a car (yours or someone else’s)
  • Have a swimming pool
  • Own a dog
  • Employ people in your home (cleaning, landscaping, other domestic staff)
  • Fly a drone
  • Entertain
  • Serve on a board or committee (for-profit or nonprofit)
  • Have a trampoline
  • Use social media (blogging, Tweeting, posting comments and photos)

If you selected any of the above risk factors, you should consider excess liability coverage. Your Bryn Mawr Trust Insurance Advisor is your partner to review your existing coverage limits and help you determine if you are really protected.