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Mergers & Acquisitions


Bank & Thrift Company Deals

Target SellerStateIndustry TypeAnnouncement DateStatusDeal Value ($M)Target Total Assets ($000)
Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania, Inc.PABank1/31/2017Completed On 12/15/2017138.5832,485
Continental Bank Holdings, Inc.PABank5/5/2014Completed On 1/1/2015122.85674,676
First Keystone Financial, Inc.PAThrift11/3/2009Completed On 7/1/201033.59525,376
Target SellerIndustry TypeAnnouncement DateStatusNumber of BranchesAll Branches StatesTotal Deposits Transferred ($000)
1 Branch – First Bank of DelawareBank5/2/2012Completed On 11/26/20121DE70,300

Insurance Broker Deals

Target SellerAnnounce DateStatusDeal Value ($M)
Domenick & Company, Inc.5/1/2018Completed On 5/1/20181.50
Harry R. Hirshorn & Co. Inc.4/19/2017Completed On 5/24/20177.50
Robert J. McAllister Agency, Inc.4/1/2015Completed On 4/1/20151.00
Powers Craft Parker & Beard, Inc.8/21/2014Completed On 10/1/20147.03

Securities & Investment Deals

Target SellerTypeAnnouncement DateStatusDeal Value ($M)
Davidson Trust CompanyAsset Manager2/3/2012Completed On 5/15/201210.50
Private Wealth Management GroupAsset Manager2/21/2011Completed On 5/27/201118.28
JNJ Holdings LLCAsset Manager6/12/2008Completed On 7/15/200819.00
CDC Capital Management Inc.Asset Manager1/6/19997Completed On 1/6/1999.030.28

Other Deals

Target SellerAnnounce DateStatusDeal Value ($M)
Joseph W. Roskos & Company11/27/1998Completed On 4/1/19994.00

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