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Is a Tiny House Right for You?

Living Insights

The average home in America has grown to twice its size in the last four decades. Currently, there is a popular micro-trend swelling, especially among Millennials, to live in a sizably smaller home. The tiny house wave has hit America hard, and those who choose to live the tiny lifestyle want to save money, cut their carbon footprint, and are fine living in less than 400 square feet.

What Are Tiny Houses?

More than a severely downsized home, tiny houses reflect a lifestyle that is often seen as a welcome departure from the oversized houses seen in many neighborhoods across America. Embracing a simpler lifestyle and embracing a compact space, a tiny house represents the nationwide movement for those who actually want to live a lifestyle that’s self-sufficient, financially responsible, and environmentally conscious. Just remember, tiny house living isn’t for everyone. If you are considering making the tiny move, consider these reasons that many have made to move to tiny living.

Tiny House Statistics

Tiny houses come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all share some basic features, such as:

  • Age: Three out of five tiny house owners are under 50.
  • Size: The square footage of an average tiny home is around 186 square feet.
  • Cost: If the owner is willing to do the work, the average cost of construction is around $23,000.
  • Gender: Women outnumber men in ownership of tiny houses with about 55 percent of women and 45 percent of men owning a tiny home.
  • Savings: About 65 percent of tiny house owners have no credit card debt with the average savings at nearly $11,000.
  • Education: Tiny house owners tend to be highly educated with most holding a master’s degree.

Reasons to Own a Tiny Home

  • Adorable – The small size of a well-built tiny house can really show the personality of the owner. From contemporary tree houses to miniature log cabins to even nautical inspired areas complete with portholes, the variety of designs and materials used are only limited by imagination.
  • Mobility – Tired of the view from the bedroom window? Simply move the house. Not built with a typical RV look, tiny houses look like houses, just smaller.
  • DIY Assembly – For the handy homeowner, tiny houses can be ordered online. Complete with easy-to-assemble kits, even the novice builder can use the comprehensive instructions, precut panels, and hardware to assemble their own tiny house saving thousands of dollars.
  • Economical – Prices for a tiny home range drastically from $20 to $400 per square foot. Most owners don’t have a mortgage since tiny homes tend to be so affordable.
  • Design – Get the creative juices flowing when designing a tiny home. Use of space is vital. Furniture that serves several different functions, storage over and under space, and wise use of neutral colors are necessary when working with a small space.

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