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Due to their specialized risk profile, unconventional business model, and often limited budget, organizations within the nonprofit and social services niche require specialized insurance products. The programs offered through Bryn Mawr TrustIA allow these organizations to mitigate their risks, minimize losses, and reduce costs while working towards their mission.

This portfolio of insurance products and services addresses the unique and complex risks of the nonprofit and social services sector. This program covers many different types of organizations, ranging from museums and performing arts to charter schools, community action agencies, drug and alcohol facilities, and more.

General & Professional Liability Insurance

There are many liabilities that can land an information technology firm in court and harm their reputation amongst customers and vendors. These include general liabilities such as bodily injury, property damage, and advertising claims, as well as professional liabilities such as intellectual property disputes and professional error mistakes leading to monetary damages. Bryn Mawr TrustIA offers a comprehensive liability program tailored to IT firms that provides coverage for Premises and Operations, Personal Injury, Advertising Injury, and Errors and Omissions.

Property Insurance

Property insurance can be a difficult coverage for IT companies. Because they have so much valuable electronic equipment on the premises, disasters and accidents can lead to costly expenses and repairs, and disruptions can have immediate and drastic effects on their business operations. This Commercial Property program can be designed to cover a firm’s assets including the building space, its contents, computers and other media equipment, inventory, and supplies. The program can also include Business Interruption and Extra Expense coverage.

Commercial Automobile Insurance

Vehicle repairs, medical costs, and lawsuits can be very expensive for technology firms. This Business Auto policy will cover insureds for medical expenses incurred from car accidents, damage to others’ property as a result of an accident, liability claims, and physical damage to company vehicles. The program also includes Hired and Non-Owned Auto coverage for firms whose employees use their own vehicles for business purposes, or for employees leasing cars for company business. The program can also help technology firms to implement a driver-training program to further mitigate losses.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Technology firms are not immune to cyber-attacks; in fact, data breaches are one of the biggest threats for technology companies of all sizes, due to the valuable client data stored in their digital information. This Cyber Liability program can be customized to suit individual firms’ needs. It will provide coverage for first-party losses including the cost of notifying clients, forensics to determine the source of the breach, PR campaigns to combat reputation damage, credit monitoring for affected clients, and any cyber extortion demands or ransomware. In addition, the program will provide further coverage for third-party cyber losses including attorney fees, court costs, and settlements or judgments. The third-party coverage can be included within the Professional Liability insurance program.

Workers’ Compensation

Though the technology sector is not considered a “high-hazard” field, it is still important for technology companies to understand what drives workers’ compensation costs and take measures to reduce claims, injuries, and expenses. One major cause of Workers’ Compensation difficulty is subcontractor use, which is common for technology firms. In addition to providing Workers’ Compensation coverage, this program offers risk management solutions, worksite evaluations, self-insurance alternatives, and cost-containment services.

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