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Make Your Small Room Big

Not everyone wants or needs a home or an apartment with thousands of square feet. Smaller homes and apartments fit many people’s lifestyles and budgets. But a smaller space doesn’t have to feel small. With a few simple tricks in decorating, you can make a small space feel big and open (without emptying your personal checking account).

Let There Be Light

Natural light makes a space feel more open than it actually is, so don’t block the light coming from windows with heavy window treatments. Also, don’t place large furniture such as bookshelves or an armoire next to a light source. They may block the natural light coming into the room and cast shadows; fewer shadows will give the room the appearance of being spacious. Speaking of lessening shadows, use more than one light source. A few lamps of varying heights that are placed around a room can create layered lighting and brighten the room in general.

Bigger Isn’t Better

Instead of cramming a full-sized sofa into a tight space, think about breaking the space with a love seat and a chair. Avoid over-sized furniture because it will take up too much space and make the room feel small.  

Double Function

Instead of a coffee table, use a pair of ottomans. Aside from the added storage and the additional seating should you need it, they will function the same as a coffee table.

Up High

Try hanging shelves on a wall. This draws the eye up, and makes the room seem taller, while increasing floorspace Keep functionality in mind, though; don’t fill the shelves with items frequently used (or with items that may tempt children to climb).

Down Low

Smaller-legged furniture will show more of the floor, making the room feel bigger. You should also consider forgoing placing area rugs in a small space. The more floor you can see, the bigger or more open the room will feel.

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