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How to Create an Epic Man Cave for Under $1,500

Living Insights

Whether it’s the basement, attic, or an extra room in the house, the Man Cave has come to represent an area where a man can relax and rewind. Most man caves are filled with gadgets and electronics to rival any tech store, but what they really represent are a place where a man can feel like there is a place where he can express himself. No frills or doilies, just a pure testosterone-filled room perfect for the things he truly loves.

Filling the man cave can add up to thousands of dollars quickly. However, here are a few ideas that will cost less than $1,500.

Paint the Basement Ceiling

With the cost of a suspended ceiling ranging from $1,500 to $3,000, most people don’t want to spend their entire budget on creating a space that will feel even more confined. Instead, paint the ceiling as they do in urban lofts. Exposed plumbing and floor joists from the floor above are popular today and can save thousands of dollars to spend on more important items, like a big screen TV.

Create a Built-In for the Flat Screen TV

Save money on furniture and storage for your TV by building a built-in. Not only will it create a high-end look for the man cave, but it can be built to perfectly surround that flat screen TV. Simply frame a box-out into the wall to inset the TV leaving room for ventilation (check the manufacturer’s recommendations for ventilation). Measure other electronics, gadgets, or even trophies and awards, so that they can also fit perfectly in their own space.  With a bit of forethought, creating a custom look for the TV and other electronics can look like you spent thousands.

Use Finger Jointed Pre-Primed Trim

Nothing gives a room (even a basement) a finished look like trim. Additionally, using trim, especially with an open ceiling design can cover those rugged edges where the sheetrock meets the ceiling joists. When buying trim, most big box home improvement stores sell bulk packages of pre-primed finger jointed trim. Not only can this trim be used on the floor, but also around the edge of the ceiling. In addition, when purchasing pre-primed trim, you can simply paint over it when painting the walls, saving hundreds on painting labor.

Use Existing Floor Drains for Sink Placement

Nothing eats into a budget like plumbing. When creating a spot for a sink, look for existing floor drains, especially in concrete where cutting and removing under-slab plumbing can quickly become a dusty, expensive mess. If there are no existing floor drains, consider investing in a pump to take the waste water up to a nearby drain located in the ceiling.

Once your man cave is complete, sit back, relax, and enjoy your little piece of man heaven.

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