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Merchant Services & Solutions

Merchant Processing Delivers Robust, State-Of-The-Art Payment Solutions That Meet The Needs Of Virtually Any Business. Ask Us About ECommerce Solutions, Mobile Solutions, Online And Telephone Payments. Accept EMV® Chip Cards, “Tap And Wave,” Or Smart Phone Payments Utilizing Digital Wallets Like Google Wallet And Apple Pay®. Benefit From A Variety Of Value-Added Programs Such As Loyalty Programs And Gift Cards.

credit card processing equipment

Credit Card Processing Equipment

Let BMT Help You Choose The Best POS Credit Card Terminals, Virtual Terminals And Software For Your Needs And Budget.

The Equipment And Software You Need To Process Payments Have Grown Increasingly Robust And Increasingly Complex. The Right Technology Ensures That Your Transactions Are Handled Swiftly, Securely And Accurately. And Helps Your Business Reduce Processing Costs And Increase Profits. BMT Will Help You Choose The Most Effective Solution For Your Unique Needs.

Maximum Security

Fraud, Hacking And Data Breaches Are At An All-Time High. We Can Help You Limit Your Exposure, Decrease Your Liability And Protect Your Business.

Merchant Processing Meets And Exceeds All Industry Guidelines And Regulations. You’ll Benefit From Basic Fraud Protection Tools Like Address Verification (AVS) And Card Verification Values (CVV2), As Well As From A Web-Based Gateway That Is Virtually Invulnerable To Breach Threats. Plus, We’ll Keep You Updated And Informed On All Industry And Card Brand Updates To Ensure Your Business Continues To Run Smoothly.

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