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15 Ultimate Reasons Mothers Seem to Make Great Entrepreneurs

Personal Insights

For many women, the greatest job they will ever have is motherhood. It may be surprising to these women to realize that the same qualities that make a great mother also make a great entrepreneur. There are 15 reasons that mothers seem to make great entrepreneurs.

  1. Great at Working Under Pressure – Just the morning routine of getting everyone ready and out the door on time with all the proper papers, bags, lunches, etc. is pressure enough.
  2. Negotiation Ninjas – Finding ways to settle disputes between children (and executives) creates super negotiation skills in anyone.
  3. Creative Ability – Finding different and creative ways to handle different situations, along with crowdsourcing, comes naturally to a lot of mothers.
  4. Modesty – Most mothers put their egos aside when it comes to raising their children. They transfer that same skill when building a company.
  5. Weathering Ups and Downs – Not every day as a mother is the best. There are good days and bad days. Yet, mothers continue to get up again and again with the attitude that today will be a good day and if not, tomorrow will be better.
  6. Hard Workers – Mothers are some of the hardest working people in the world. Their job is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. They understand and appreciate the value of hard work and see it in others.
  7. Amazing Customer Service – Mothers have a way of giving their all to their children in order to see them happy. This can easily translate over to amazing customer service in a business.
  8. Team Effort – All families are a team and it takes a team effort to run a successful family. A business is a family too and needs a team leader who can “round up the troops” when needed.
  9. Resourcefulness and Intuitive – As the old saying goes, “Even the best laid plans of mice and men can go awry.” Mothers understand this extremely well. They seem to have the ability to regroup quickly and think on their feet.
  10. Natural Salespeople – Most mothers would shy away from saying they are great salespeople, but just try to get a 3-year-old to eat his broccoli or help another mother find the perfect babysitter and a mother is a natural salesperson. It’s not about getting someone to buy something that they don’t want, it’s more about understanding the needs and challenges of others and then helping them find the best solution.
  11. Natural Leaders – Being able to unite a family group, plan for long-term goals, and make important decisions for the group is what also makes a great business leader.
  12. Time Management Skills – Being able to juggle a family’s endless list of needs at all hours of the day is a norm for most mothers. Many business leaders cite time management as the hardest part of their job.
  13. Expert Multitaskers – It is rare for a mother to only have one job at the time. Mother’s quickly learn how to juggle many tasks and prioritize—an important skill for any successful business leader.
  14. Flexibility in Thinking – Changing the daily routine when a child becomes sick is just one example of how mothers have to be flexible. Changes in business call for flexibility and the ability to pivot to keep a business on course.
  15. Intuitive Nature – As a mother, having a nurturing and emotional side seems to give mothers an intuition on what is best for their children. Transfer that to a new business and a mother will treat that business as a new baby, instinctually doing what is best.

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