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Insurance Service Center Support

When you obtained your Bryn Mawr Trust loan or line of credit, within the loan documentation executed, you agreed to maintain insurance on the property securing this loan. You have received a letter from Bryn Mawr Trust because our records indicate that your policy has expired, canceled, or is otherwise missing from your loan file. Therefore, we are requesting a copy of current and sufficient evidence of insurance on the collateral property.

We need your assistance to resolve this matter:

To upload a copy of proof of insurance, please click the link below to submit a copy of your current insurance declarations page.

Upload Proof of Insurance »

If we do not receive proper proof of insurance within the time period indicated on the notice you received, a forced placed policy will be purchased by Bryn Mawr Trust on your behalf and at your expense. The premium charged for force placed insurance is generally significantly higher than what you can purchase on your own and may not provide the protection you would select. If you have insurance, and believe you received this letter in error, you must still provide a copy to our Insurance Service Center. For additional information, please contact our secure third party Insurance Service Center at 800-998-0761.

You may also call Bryn Mawr Trust’s Customer Service Center at 610-525-1700.

Thank you for visiting our Insurance Service Center Support page. This site provides access to a quick, easy and secure portal to upload your important insurance documentation required by Bryn Mawr Trust.