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Cable vs. Netflix vs. Hulu, etc. How Can You Save on Your Monthly Cable Bill?

Personal Insights

It’s a hard decision to make for a family. Cable, internet or both? All services offer quite a few things that cable can offer, except with their own tweaks.

If you like any original series from these streaming giants, the only place you’re going to catch them is on their websites and apps. Nowadays it doesn’t even have to be from your television. But what’s the best way to effectively curb your costs on a monthly cable bill? Not everyone wants the same shows to watch.

For example, your mom might want to religiously watch Lifetime Channel, which is on cable. You might want HBO for Game of Thrones, which costs a tad extra. Or maybe your pops wants to watch some Ashton Kutcher flicks like Dude Ranch on Netflix and not be bothered with basic cable.

What do you do when you can’t decide? That’s when it’s time to draw up a pros and cons list to consider.

Considering they recently raised their general costs, you know that the company makes money. But which is worth your while? It really depends on the type of shows you want to watch. Here’s a breakdown of what you’re going to find on cable, Netflix or Hulu.

Streaming TV Shows and Movies is Far Cheaper

No one wants to spend money on cable, especially when pretty much every channel is now accessible online. Recent research has found that a significant percentage of Americans have recently cut the cord on cable, telco, and satellite TV.

Not only is streaming far more accessible, but it is a lot cheaper than your standard cable company. On top of that, who can really get over the fact that they are no longer required to watch their favorite show at a certain amount of time? Not being glued to the TV has truly changed things: people watch shows from their laptops and their phones now instead.

It’s not just about getting a streaming service thanks to internet access: there’s now Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Roku. All of them work on multiple streaming platforms.

What About the Rises of Streaming Prices?

Even with the price hikes that have come with streaming platforms, they are still pretty inexpensive compared to regular cable providers. However, if you’re trying to watch an exclusive UFC fight or something of that nature, you’re going to have to search a little deeper on the web to find a good stream. That’s one thing that’s always going to cost some money.

Hulu, Amazon and Netflix all offer completely different and original shows, which makes it hard to decide on one to have. With Hulu, you can add on different cable channels such as HBO and more. They also offer Live TV and Live Sports. Netflix may have also raised their prices a dollar or two per tier, but they are still far more flexible than their counterparts.

Considering Hulu released a special last year where new and inactive members could receive Hulu for .99 cents a month and then they ultimately combined with Spotify for an even more extensive plan, it’s clear that streaming services are coming up with new ideas to promote themselves to the top. If you’re using both music and Hulu solo at your home, it’s a quite cheap deal to grab, if you managed to get it.

The Cons of Not Having Cable TV

Not having cable TV can be frustrating if your internet happens to go out. Our society has become so dependent on needing the internet that when it does go out, you can’t do anything until it turns back on. If you have cable, you’ll be a little less bored until you can get your streaming service back.

There’s also the fact that you can get a package deal including cable, phone, internet and more. Sometimes these packages are cheaper than actually getting every service separately. However, if you don’t need a bundle package with internet and cable, then it’s probably not what you’re going to want to get.

If you’re still unsure what you want, it’s time to do some research. If you’re living with roommates, alone or with a significant other, you might want to consider streaming and fast internet instead. But for those who may still live with family, getting that cable package might be far more beneficial.

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