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7 Superior Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Under $400

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be an area complete with grill, sink, fireplace, pizza oven, and refrigerator. Rather, an outdoor kitchen can be exactly what homeowners need.

Do you like to grill? Then focus on an area dedicated to grilling and eating. Rather kick back and watch the football game with a cold one? Then focus on an entertainment area complete with a cooler for beverages. How about a pizza fanatic? Then focus on an Italian style pizzeria complete with a pizza oven.

The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination and budget. With a little planning and a lot of creativity, you can have an outdoor kitchen for under $400.

Initial Planning and Budgeting

This is the most important step in designing an outdoor kitchen. First, set the budget. Short on cash? Don’t worry. There are many options that allow for the perfect outdoor kitchen. Just remember to set a budget, add a plan, and stick to it.

Important Outdoor Items 

There are many items on a homeowner’s list that they consider important, including:

  • Grill – Whether it’s propane or charcoal, a grill is a must have for the meat lovers in the crowd. There are several different styles to choose from for less than $100 at most big box stores.
  • Outdoor Sink – An outdoor sink doesn’t need to be the regular household sink with plumbing and electric for a disposal. In fact, for less than $50, there are sinks that can be mounted to a wall or fence and connects with a regular outdoor spigot.
  • Pizza Oven – For the authentic pizza lover who doesn’t merely want but needs a wood-fired pizza oven, there are numerous table top models for less than $300 that use wood and create circular works of art that just happen to be covered with cheese.
  • Refrigerator – A refrigerator is a nice outdoor item to have, but it often comes with a cost. Running electric, upkeep, and the extra cost of having a refrigerator running 24/7 makes a wooden cooler a nice option. Modern wooden coolers can be filled with ice, emptied when done, and even double for seating or extra workspace when needed. There are many deluxe cooler models for less than $150 found online.
  • Bar Cart – A bar cart is an essential in a budget outdoor kitchen. Use it as a serving space with multiple functions. Drinks on top, food on another shelf, dishes, grilling tools, and other outdoor accessories on the bottom. Hint: find a wicker bar car that can withstand the outdoor elements and still remain fresh and pretty. Check online for models that fit your exact needs for less than $250.
  • Drink Dispenser – A sturdy, large, and stylish drink dispenser can hold a fresh batch of homemade lemonade for the kids or a prepared cocktail for the adults. These great finds can be had for less than $50.
  • Don’t Forget the Kids – A kid’s picnic table is not only adorable, but it gives the little ones a place of their own to eat and play. For less than $100, several picnic tables lined up end to end can create a fun kid’s area.