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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space for Under $1000

All winter long, bundled up people have been dreaming of sitting outside in the warm sunshine with shorts and t-shirts with a tall icy beverage in hand soaking in the sun’s rays. Now that summer is here, you may notice that the back yard is, well let’s face it, a little bare. Let’s turn that outdoor living space into your own piece of paradise.

Sure, there may be a patch of grass or even a swing set for the kiddos, but what about those ideal outdoor living spaces that turn a backyard into a haven for both adults and kids? With an unlimited amount of money, you could hire an outdoor architect, contractors, and a team of people to turn your yard into your dream. But who has tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars for their backyard paradise?

Here are some outdoor living space ideas that won’t break the bank, will keep your budget in check and help create the perfect outdoor living space.


When grilling outdoors, shoppers can find outdoor table and chair deals at thrift stores or even search the internet for how-to videos for making a dining table for less than $100.

If you aren’t the handy type, consider looking for marked down smaller 4-person dining tables that can be a fraction of the price of a large 8-person table. Buying two tables may be less expensive than one big table and allow guests to spread out and enjoy the yard.


Depending on the décor and theme of your outdoor space, chairs can come in a variety of colors and styles. For a more formal feel, you may want the chairs to be exactly alike. Finding matching chairs can range from a few hundred dollars for a set of 4 to thousands for a matching dining table, chairs, and umbrella. However, chairs don’t have to match.  In fact, bring some fun to your outdoor space by mixing up a variety of chairs for your guests to try out.

Fire Pits, Fountains, and other Features

A fire pit can be a fun gathering place at the end of a summer’s day to roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, or just sit and talk. The sound of running water always seems to be a relaxing way to unwind, and other features such as statues, trellises, or a garden can bring a relaxing feel to any space. All of these features can be bought or built for a reasonable price. In fact, there are probably the least expensive way to add a natural feel to the backyard.


If there is extra space in the yard, consider investing in some fun outdoor games like a bean-bag toss or badminton set. Give the kiddos some space to burn off all that extra energy they seem to have bottled up and enjoy watching them (and you) make some fun summer memories without breaking the bank.