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Loans & Line of Credit

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Line of Credit

Home Equity Line of Credit

Use a Home Equity Line of Credit for many needs, from emergencies to home improvements to paying off more expensive credit card debt.

Fixed Loans

Home Equity Loan

Ideal for big ticket purchases — home improvement, education and debt consolidation where you want a steady monthly payment.

Auto Loan

Interested in a financing a new or used car? BMT offers fixed interest rates for a variety of repayment terms.

Personal Mortgages

Home Mortgage

Whether it’s your first home, an up-size, a down-size, a vacation home or an investment property, BMT’s mortgage advisors are here to help find the right mortgage loan for your needs.

Neighborhood Opportunity Program

Bryn Mawr Trust, in an effort to promote fair and affordable housing in the communities we serve, offers the Neighborhood Opportunity Program. The program is designed to assist individuals and families with limited income, or who are purchasing in low- and moderate-income areas, realize their dreams of homeownership.1

Personal Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Looking for rewards – find the card that’s right for you! Choose from several different cards available to suit your specific needs.