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Slip and Fall Insurance Coverage – Employees v. Customers

Insurance Insights

Whether it is a slip, a fall or a trip, there’s only so much that can be done to prevent liability risks from occurring at your business. These issues can happen at any time and sideline customers or employees who take a nasty spill on your premises. Not every slip and fall case will lead to legal issues necessarily, but you can never be too sure of what kinds of problems will come up in the near future. If a valid claim is made, filed, and settled against your company, it can be hard to navigate and draining to your overall business.

That being said, it is important to be prepared for these types of cases from all angles, including employee and customer claims. This point highlights that it is just as important to create a safe work environment for those who clock in every day at your business as it is is for those who come through and give you the business and revenue you need to stay open in the first place. Here’s a look at slips and falls, and the importance of knowing what kind of insurance you need.


The number of people who need emergency medical care due to a slip and fall is more than one million each and every year.

Businesses can implement procedures for preventing common causes of trips, slips, and falls and significantly mitigate potential losses due to claims, no matter if they’re from an employee or customer. Reasonable precautions can include:

  • Clean up spills as soon as they happen
  • Mark spills with warning signs
  • Remove obstacles from walkways
  • Secure mats and carpets with tape
  • Mop or sweep up debris
  • Close cabinets or drawers when not in use
  • Ensure employees are wearing correct footwear and clothing

Slip and Fall Coverage: Employees

For businesses, employees who fall victim to a slip and fall event can turn around and claim liability for this if they can prove it was because of them being on the clock. If an employee slips and falls on their lunch break, that won’t pass muster. However, employees can claim workers’ compensation against the company they work for if it’s proven that they were injured while taking care of their duties for a company that did not adequately secure their safety.

This can be highly avoidable, but can still literally slip through the cracks, creating major headaches for not only those who fall but the company looking to stay away from major liability problems. Businesses can protect their assets by investing in business insurance liability plans that not only provide their employees the workers’ compensation coverage they need but the liability protection the business needs to provide financial and legal help during the time of a claim.

Slip and Fall Coverage: Customers

Injuries from slips and falls can happen for a variety of reasons and it doesn’t even have to happen inside. As long as a customer is injured while on premises–this includes outside in an entryway–they can make a claim. Once inside a business there are many troubles that can lead to costly liabilities throughout the entire customer journey.

Regardless of the slip and fall accident, the legal responsibility of the store/business will depend on whether it had, or should have had, notice of the unsafe and possibly harmful condition and did not take appropriate steps and prompt action to fix the problem.

Business insurance options can help to protect a company from physical harm taken on by a customer. Premises liability insurance coverage is part of a business package that will keep companies safe in times of claims. Having business insurance with an emphasis on premises liability will protect a company inside and out, literally, and provide peace of mind throughout a claims process.

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