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Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Action Required for Clients Utilizing EZ Banking Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Integrated with Commercial Online Banking

New Business Standalone RDC Access and Establish New Access Credentials are Required.

EZ Banking Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Users are required to act to ensure a seamless transition for the RDC conversion to WSFS in March of 2022.

RDC Users have a deadline to make this transition to New Business Standalone RDC Access

You must act now, establish new access credentials, and begin using the Business Standalone RDC link to make your remote deposits going forward. You are required to have fully transitioned on or before the deadline, 1/28/2022.

New access credentials, explained below, were sent to RDC Users from [[email protected]]

  • All Users should have received two emails from [[email protected]].
  • The first provided your “User ID” to access the system.
  • The second provided your Temporary Password, which is listed as “User Information.” 

The above-referenced emails are separate system-generated and do not allow us to include additional information or instructions.

Didn’t Receive Your Business Standalone RDC Credentials?

Please check your applicable spam and clutter folders if you cannot locate the emails from [[email protected]]. And if you are still having difficulties finding the emails, you will need to contact Bryn Mawr Trust’s Customer Care Center, 610.525.1700, to re-establish new Business Standalone RDC credentials.

Replacement Passwords: The replacement password will only be valid for 60-minutes from issuance for security. If you require a password reset, you should be prepared to sign into the Standalone RDC system during that 60-minute temporary password reset window and establish a new password for your access.

Accessing Business Standalone RDC and Password Requirements:

  • To access the new RDC Standalone, you will use the gold Login dropdown menu found in the top right corner on  It will be listed as Business Standalone RDC. Or click on the following link: Business Standalone RDC Access.
  • The first time you log into the Standalone RDC, you will be required to change your Temporary Password /User Information. Password requirements include:  
    • Minimum length at least 9 characters
    • At least 1 Lower Case Letter
    • At least 1 Upper Case Letter
    • At least 1 Numeric Digit
    • At least 1 of the Following Characters: @ # _ * ^ $
    • Should not contain the complete user ID
    • Should not contain keywords like Password
  • You will utilize the new Standalone RDC from this point forward.
  • Approximately one week after establishing your new Standalone RDC, your integrated access through Commercial Online Banking will be disabled.
  • If you use the deposit reports function in BMT’s integrated Commercial Online and RDC solution, you must download these reports prior to setting up your standalone access.

If you do not take the required action to establish Standalone RDC, you will not have RDC access at conversion. 

Reminder: To access the new Business RDC Standalone, you will use the gold Login dropdown menu found in the top right corner on It is listed as “Business Standalone RDC.” Or click on the following link: Business Standalone RDC Access.

Important Reminder to use the new systems going forward:

After establishing your new Business Standalone RDC credentials, you must use the Business Standalone RDC for all remote deposit deposits from this point forward. 

Your current integrated remote deposit feature will be disabled from the Online Banking portal beginning 2/1/2022. Your Online Banking will remain available for all other services you have in place; it will no longer support remote check deposits.

Future Communications:

Business account owners will receive complete merger communications package regarding their BMT account(s) when we get closer to our planned March 2022 conversion.  

Still need help and have questions:

Please contact our Customer Care Center at 610.525.1700, or email BMT Cash Management Officers Severine McQuirns at [email protected] or Sally Worrell at [email protected].

Our goal is to deliver exceptional customer service and a smooth transition. We greatly appreciate your attention, understanding, and the opportunity to serve you.

Communications we have sent for this transition include:

  • We emailed the primary contact in November 2021.
  • We sent a letter via USPS to the company address in November 2021.
  • We emailed all RDC Users on January 12, 2022.