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5 Summer Camp Tips for Home

Living Insights

Summer is quickly approaching us, which means your kids are going to be out of school. This also means it’s time to keep them entertained until school is back in session. At-home summer camps are a great idea to help keep children entertained while on a budget.

Sometimes it’s not possible to just send your children away. Maybe they aren’t fond of leaving home. Maybe you’re not fond of sending them away. Or maybe you have more than one child, making it costly to send every single one of them away each summer.

Either away, it’s possible to bring the camp experience right to your backyard. Stimulating children while having fun is a great way to relieve stress for both yourself and your kids. It doesn’t have to be just a family affair. Friends and family can be invited too.

But where do you start in order to make the best summer experience for your family that you can? This list can help break things down for you. Here are five summer camp ideas for home.

Choose Dates

The first thing that you need to do is choose the best dates for your family summer camp weekend. If it’s just your family, choosing a date will be easier. But when there’s others involved, it’s a lot better to plan ahead, just in case anyone decides to flake. Plan around vacations and whatever swimming or dance lessons your children might have.

Pick a Theme and Expand on it

Each day should have some kind of theme. Choose topics that children are interested in and make sure you can expand their knowledge while involving them in the process. Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to expand on it. Explore historical content, do experiments, get everyone out of the house and down in the dirt if need be.

Create a Schedule and Develop Activities

Once you’ve started to research what activities you want to do, it’s time to create a schedule for everything to happen. A solid itinerary is going to ensure that everyone involved has a great time without any setbacks or challenges. Printing out a physical schedule and posting it somewhere highly visible will also help make sure that everyone knows what’s going on while your camping weekend is happening.

Gather Materials Needed to Make Everything Happen

Materials can be costly, but there are ways to make it a little bit cheaper. If you already have things at home to use, then great, some other things might even be available at the dollar stores or secondhand shops. If anything, you can also borrow from the library and friends. All materials need to be kept in a place where you and the other adults helping can have easy access to them. A designated tub and rolling cart for these materials can be extremely helpful.

Set Goals For Yourself and Your Children

The key thing here is organization: activities, materials for crafts and games, snacks and meals are also going to be needed in surplus. It’s not good to run out of anything. When you set goals and meet them, it makes for a great summer camping experience. Some goals to consider are reading practice, self-confidence, social skills or even a new skill to teach your kids.

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