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The Single Person’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Personal Insights

Valentine’s Day is a holiday set aside to celebrate romantic love. It is unique because a person can be “in” or “out” depending on the year, and that can make it difficult for some. Seeing hearts and flowers just after a breakup or during a dry spell can exacerbate feelings of loneliness or inadequacy. But moping is no way to spend a holiday, even when single!

Hit the Town

Isolation is always a bad thing when there’s emotional rain clouds in the forecast, and this is especially true on Valentine’s Day. No need for a unique, cute idea here, just get out and have some fun. There will be plenty of other single people out looking to have a good time, so Valentine’s Day is actually a perfect chance to meet somebody! But even if that does not happen, take the evening to go to a movie, a bar, or some other favorite spot to be around other people. Today with the Internet it is easier than ever to find an ironic “Lonely Hearts” party or some other neutral event. There is no need to go home and grieve.

Take a Load Off

That does not mean that going home is a bad thing. Busy seems to be the word, especially several weeks into a new year, so taking a break would be a welcome relief. Scheduling “downtime” is important, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do so. Couples have their own worries on the big day about where to go and what to do, but the single person has no such burden. Go home, maybe invite some friends over, turn on the TV (or don’t!) and let the takeout restaurant cook tonight.

Love Somebody Else

The worst thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to ruin it for somebody else by making them feel guilty for being in a relationship. Focusing on yourself can make you miserable, so love somebody else on Valentine’s Day.

Find the couple with kids and offer to babysit. Call up a friend or family member who may have lost someone lately. Write a (non-love) letter to someone special in a non-romantic way. The really daring out there might want to spoil another couple with all that discretionary income a single person enjoys by sending an anonymous gift–tickets to an event, reservations at an exclusive hot spot, or a fun gift basket for a special evening. Then the evening, in or out, will not be one of self-pity or being bummed out, but of joy at having loved someone else. Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about anyway?

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