Tips for a Claim-Free Holiday

Whether you are decorating the house and lawn, shopping, or hosting holiday parties, it’s important for homeowners to keep safety in mind this holiday season. In addition to the regular festive cheer being spread around, you should also be aware of traditional risks that can ramp up during the holidays as well as more modern ones like cybersecurity issues.

Through some preventative measures and understanding the potential risks, your holiday season can be safe and sound. Now is the best time to review your homeowners insurance coverage while also making a proactive outline of how you can get ahead of costly holiday claims.

Tree Lights

Homeowners should replace lights that flicker on and off or have loose connections. While it may seem like a cool effect, it can be a sign that something major may be wrong. Do not overload your outlets and try to avoid extension cords whenever possible. Make sure to unplug all lights when you leave your house or when you’re heading to bed or outside.


A festive candle presentation may be something charming to look at, but it can also present a range of hazards that can bring an end to a cheerful holiday season. Always place candles in sturdy candleholders and keep them away from curtains or drapes. Don’t leave candles burning unattended or within reach of small children or pets.


Having guests over for a holiday dinner can be fun and warm, but it can also be an accident waiting to happen. Basic kitchen safety rules need to be applied during this time of year. Pay extra attention to the small things that can easily be overlooked, like keeping pot handles turned inward or keeping combustibles away from flames.

Christmas Tree

If you celebrate the season with a Christmas tree, make sure it’s either a fresh tree or a flame-retardant fake tree. For a natural tree, trim the tree’s trunk two inches before putting it up and use a large water-holding tree stand that’s non-tipping. Be sure to keep it located away from heating ducts, hallways, doorways, or busy areas in general.

Quick Tips to Keep Claims Away

  • Make sure your fireplace is clean before lighting a fire.
  • Keep heat at a minimum level to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Salt icy walkways and driveways to avoid injuries.
  • If hosting a party, take care to serve alcoholic beverages responsibly and prevent intoxicated guests from driving.
  • Keep track of spending on credit cards to quickly spot fraudulent activity.
  • Do online shopping from trusted sites.
  • If packages are delivered to your home, be aware they are vulnerable to theft if left on your porch in plain sight.
  • If shopping at the mall, be aware of your surroundings when walking back to your car with packages.

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