Travel: Before You Fly, Cruise, or Drive…

As restrictions loosen and destinations reopen across the country and worldwide, people are ready to take a long-overdue vacation. A recent survey by a travel industry trade association found that more than 60% of people plan on traveling more than they did in 2019. But before you book your trip and start packing, take some time to prepare:

  • Your Passport: Is it time to renew or apply? Even with restrictions loosening, applications and renewals are taking longer than they did in the past. Give yourself extra time to take care of this before you book travel.
  • Let your bank or credit card company know you will be traveling. Advise them of your destination to make sure your purchases don’t get flagged as fraudulent.
  • Foreign Currency: Don’t be caught off guard needing cash for a taxi from the airport, tips for hotel staff, and more from purchasing situations that don’t take cards. Plan ahead and exchange some currency before you need it.
  • Empty your mailbox: Don’t forget to stop your mail and those recurring deliveries. Don’t place new orders for items that could be delivered while you are away. Or have a trusted friend or family member collect your mail and packages daily. Accumulating mail or a pile of unopened deliveries on your porch is a telltale sign that the home is unoccupied.
  • Get your emergency documentation in order. This means traveling with your health care information, providing copies of your itinerary to trusted friends, and carrying other vital documents.
  • Consider other travel insurances. Trip or extended health care coverage might save you significant expense if the unexpected were to occur.
  • Check your destination. Be sure to research your potential destination before you book. Have they loosened their restrictions? Are masks still required? Don’t just know before you go; look before you book.