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Ways Your Business Can Celebrate the Holidays on Social Media

The holiday season is almost among us! All of this festivity offers unique chances to make a connection with current and potential customers, especially with so many people online in the current environment, so take advantage of savvy social media marketing tactics.

Keep in mind the bigger, tackier celebrations are less likely to feel authentic, and more likely to alienate those who don’t celebrate a particular holiday. It’s better to celebrate the holidays on social media with your audience’s needs and wants at the forefront.

Take a Trip Behind the Scenes

Audiences enjoy getting an inside peek at those behind the brand, and during the holidays they can bask in the joy of seeing others celebrating, too. Snap candid shots of decorated desks, bedecked halls, and your annual office party. Gather memorable holiday stories and favorite recipes from your co-workers, too, and share them with festive holiday portraits. Ugly sweaters and Santa hats are also a fun way to get some smiles!

Encourage Holiday Photo Sharing

Many people like to reminisce on those nostalgic childhood memories during the holidays. For those born in the 80s and before, these precious moments were captured in pictures that look pre-Instagrammed, making it that much more special. Encourage your audience to share their favorite memories and photos with your brand. Create a branded hashtag you can use on Instagram to collect cool retro holiday photos and their stories that go along.

Promote Meaningful Recognition

One of the most powerful ways your business can get noticed is to highlight a charity that your brand supports, and offer a way for your customers to lend their support as well.

Whether it be feeding the hungry or an ad campaign centered on helping lonely senior citizens, there are endless ways to get involved in a more meaningful way. On your social media pages, customers could watch a heartstring-tugging video and donate to the charity.

Focus on Customer Needs

It seems brands desperately want to put their customers in a holiday buying mood. But customers truly want ways to deal with stress, help finding the perfect gift, or a moment of silent reflection.

Consider what special wants and needs your specific audience has this time of year. Better yet, ask a few of them. You could end up creating some powerful, useful content instead of an overflow of holiday hustle and bustle.

Sum Up the Year

Not every consumer celebrates the common holidays this time of year. But more often than not, people celebrate the New Year. Take this time to look ahead and to reflect over the past year.

New Year’s is always a safe bet for a business on social media. Tell your current and potential customers about your brand’s year. Let them know how the company grew, what you learned, and most importantly how you plan to exceed their expectations in the new year.

Highlight What Unites Us

This is the time to celebrate all we have in common! Celebrate these ideals–family, connection, love–without singling out a particular holiday. Instead of pinpointing a specific group, you can remind everyone we’re all in this thing called life together.

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