Go paperless today for a greener tomorrow

Bryn Mawr Trust is committed to being responsible with our resources. That includes our natural resources.

For every client who enrolls in Weblink eStatements by December 31, 2019, Bryn Mawr Trust will donate $5 to help a local nature conservancy. By choosing to receive eStatements, you’ll be doing a small part that will have a big impact on making our world a little bit better and whole lot greener.


Saving trees is better for all of us – and the next generations – than saving paper statements you’ll probably never need again. That’s one of the reasons Bryn Mawr Trust has increased our focus on going green. Because as much as you trust us to be responsible in managing your resources, we also understand it’s our duty as a corporate citizen to manage our natural resources too.


Switching to eStatements allows you to have all the information you and your financial or legal advisors need without pages of paper that need to be filed and secured.

You can rest easier knowing your wealth statement and confidential information are not sitting in a mailbox where it could be lost or stolen, not to mention the potential danger to your confidential financial information if your storage system for paper statements is putting them in a file or a drawer. With eStatements, from the time of enrollment your history will accumulate up to a maximum of three years of statements.

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