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What to Do (and Not Do) to Make the Most Out of a Day Off

Personal Insights

Finally, a day off of work! Make a day off feel special and recharge, rejuvenate, and replenish yourself while getting the most out of it. Here are some personal ways to make the most of a day off.

Get Up and Out

Book a yoga class, go out with friends for coffee, or just take a walk. Do something that doesn’t involve sitting on the couch all day. Making plans before the day arrives will be the encouragement some people need to get moving.

Spending time with friends outside of the office is a great way to relieve stress. Building strong relationships can help people deal with stress, anxiety, or depression.

Walking is not only an inexpensive way to relieve stress and relax, it’s also good for lowering blood pressure, heart rates, and putting those walkers in a better mood. The Japanese believe that “forest bathing” or spending time near trees and in nature is vital for good mental and physical health.

Focus on Indulgence

Whether it’s a nice long bubble bath, lighting some candles, or embracing “hygge” (the Norwegian word for something that is cozy) with a soft blanket or snuggly pillow, unwind and create an environment that focuses on complete indulgence away from any distractions or worries.

Don’t try to sleep in as late as possible. Studies have shown that changing sleep patterns is actually bad for a person. It can actually make a person feel worse to lay in bed all day and do nothing. Instead, get up at a normal time so that you will have time to indulge in comfort and enjoy the day.

Make Time for a Favorite Activity

Whether it’s reading a book, baking bread, or painting, make time to spend a couple of hours doing those things that are often put to the side because of a lack of time. For those with a knack for crafts, a recent study of knitters found that 81% reported that they felt happier after a knitting session.

Reboot with a Digital Detox

Although tempting to sit all day and surf the web, get unplugged and don’t worry about emails, phone calls, or social media sites. It can be tempting but resist the urge to check emails. Most people spend over 5 years of their lives on social media which has been proven to make some people feel depressed. That’s no way to spend a day off!

Go Ahead and Do Some (Not All) Chores

It is easy to rationalize that a day off means no chores. Dirty clothes can wait, the floor will still need to be vacuumed tomorrow, or the bathroom can go one more day without a good cleaning. Resist the urge to do nothing. Instead, get all chores out of the way soon after getting up so that you can enjoy the rest of the day without any worry or guilt.

Don’t try to do every little item on a to-do list. Remember, this day is for relaxing and recharging, not trying to have a marathon of cleaning and decluttering.

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