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Why Are Some Entrepreneurs More Successful Than Others?

Personal Insights

Many people are familiar with the tale of King Midas, who turned everything he touched to gold. That story is the reason many successful people are said to have the “Midas touch.” Unfortunately, being an entrepreneur does not guarantee financial success. Every entrepreneur likes to think they work hard enough (or smart enough), yet many of them struggle for years and achieve only modest success.

Entrepreneurial success often comes down to a combination of passion for the work and smart business decisions. Here are six factors that set the winners apart from the rest:

1.) They Love Their Work

As with anything else, you’ll only get out of your business whatever you’re willing to put into it. Successful entrepreneurs know that the only way to the top is to consistently give 100 percent. That’s going to seem like a lot if you don’t love what you’re doing; but if you’re truly passionate about it, 100 percent won’t feel like enough. Whether you get into business doing something you love from the beginning or fall in love with it over time, that passion will determine your level of dedication and subsequent success.

2.) They Believe in Their Product

Whatever type of business you’re in, no one’s going to believe in your product or service until you do. You won’t succeed in winning customers away from the competition until you’re able to convey that confidence in your marketing strategies. Why would someone buy your product if you couldn’t assure them that it was the best available? If you believe in what you have to offer, your ads will reflect this in their boldness. They’ll sound genuine and convincing, giving you a better chance of dominating the market.

3.) They Assemble the Best Possible Teams

With few exceptions, you won’t be able to get far on your own. You can’t juggle all the company’s responsibilities and still expect it to grow. You’ll need a capable team to which you can delegate daily tasks, so you can dedicate your time to growing the company and implementing new ideas. Just remember that you’re only as good as the team you put together, and you should give serious consideration to every prospect before bringing them on board.

4.) They Know Their Market

Although there’s a considerable amount of risk involved in any entrepreneurial venture, it should all be calculated risk. You should know everything there is to know about the market you’re in and the customers you’re serving. If you’re just “winging it,” you’re probably going to land flat on your back. Engage your prospective customers and ask them what their needs are. You should be doing this long before you actually establish your enterprise and continue doing so as a way to check the “pulse” of your target market. Look for changing trends and always know what your competitors are up to, in case they have caught onto something you missed.

5.) They Have a Competitive Advantage

What do you have to offer that your competitors don’t? A unique selling point can make all the difference in how successful your business is. Something as simple as a guaranteed delivery time that beats whatever the competition is offering may be all you need to make your company stand out. These are the types of ideas you need to work on while your team takes care of the daily business.

6.) They Care About Their Customers

The most successful entrepreneurs know that caring about their customers will help ensure their company’s continued success and longevity. Making yourself accessible convinces them that you’re interested in their feedback, rather than hiding behind a wall of employees. Your company should have a social media presence, and one of the best things you can do to draw in more followers is to jump on there regularly, answer their questions and address their concerns. You probably won’t be able to get to everyone, but if they see you on there, they’ll know that you care.

There’s no secret to becoming a more successful entrepreneur. Some would insist that it’s a matter of luck, but that luck is often the result of making better decisions from the start. Think about what your customers want and ask yourself what it will take to deliver that with a little extra. You’ll find that it’s hard to beat having a good team, knowing your market and feeling passion for what you do.

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