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Why You Should Plan Your Spring Renovation Now

Living Insights

Springtime is a welcome time of year for homeowners for a number of reasons. The sun is shining, the weather is warmer, and the family is creeping out from winter hibernation. But it’s also a great time because all those things combined mean that you can finally get some much-needed cleaning and renovations done on your home.

But even though we’re barely stepping into the cooler months and getting prepared for everything from Christmas to blizzards to making sure our pipes don’t freeze up, it’s the perfect time to get prepared for spring remodeling.

Here’s why now is the best time to get out ahead of your calendar and prepare for a springtime renovation project.

Warm Weather Ready

Most people love to get their home renovations done before the summer arrives so they don’t have to slog through the hot and sticky months while they break up tile or try to replace doors or floors. Plus, if you’re planning on having guests over for summer barbecues or hosting summer vacationers, it’s too much of a mess to have them maneuver around remodeling projects. Fall is the best time to get your plans underway so you have everything lined up, especially before business gets clogged up for contractors.

Getting Ahead of the Competition

As mentioned above, homebuyers and sellers will be jumping to renovate their home at the first sign of higher temperatures, getting in touch with remodeling companies and contractors. Getting things planned now, working with contractors to set expectations, and gathering and locking in the resources needed to get jobs going at a specific date are better to be taken care of earlier rather than later.

The last thing you want to do as a homeowner is have big plans ready to go and have to wait in a queue behind other homeowners looking to do the same thing.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Searching for a new home in the New Year and planning to put your home on the market heading into the second or third quarter of 2020? Spring marks the beginning of the busiest time of the year for home sellers and buyers. In this case, it never hurts to get things underway to get your home ready.

With warmer weather and more sunshine, buyers are more likely to buy during the spring or summer. Remodeling parts of your house can increase the odds of selling a home in time and value. Homebuyers will like that new renovations that have been added recently.

Make Sure Your Insurance is in Order

All homeowners need to make sure their property is covered by a comprehensive homeowners insurance plan that protects their house and the things inside it. But when it comes to renovations, it’s even more important to have this kind of coverage lined up.

A homeowners insurance plan is made up of coverages that can help pay to repair or replace a home and belongings if they are damaged by certain issues, like theft or fire. But this plan can also provide a safety net for homeowners looking to keep their property covered during renovation and working with contractors.

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