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Privacy and Security

Important Information About You Privacy & Security

Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation has been committed to protecting the privacy of our customers’ personal information for over 130 years. We greatly respect your privacy and we value the trust that you have placed in us to handle your financial matters and your information responsibly. With the rapid advances in technology and the manner in which information is collected and transferred, many consumers have been concerned about the proper collection and dissemination of their personal information. We welcome this opportunity to tell you about the kinds of information we have in our safekeeping and how we use that information to serve you. Please read our policy below to learn more about the ways we protect your privacy.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices, please contact the BMT Customer Care Center at 610-525-1700.

What does BMBC do with your personal information?

Learn how BMBC and our affiliates collect, share and protect your personal information. This notice describes how BMBC and our affiliates collect, share, and protect your personal information. It also describes how BMBC and our affiliates share information about our experiences with you, and explains your ability to limit our use of shared information for our affiliates to market to you.

Our Online Privacy Code

Our online privacy practices

Effective Date: 02/09/21

Your privacy is important to us, and we value your trust. This Online Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) describes the online privacy practices of Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation (“BMBC”, “BMT”, “we”, “us” or “our”) applicable to consumers who visit, use, or interact with our online services.

“Online Services” include BMBC-branded websites, mobile applications (“mobile apps,” including those for use on tablets), electronic communications (such as email messages), and digital advertising campaigns.

This policy explains the following:

Directly or through service providers (including advertising partners), how we may collect information when you visit, use, or interact with us through any of our online services or through our advertisements (“ads”) displayed via online services operated by us or third parties, and how we may use or share information collected via our online services, and aggregate this information with other information about you.

Consent: By visiting or using any of our online services, responding to any electronic communications we may send you, or clicking on one of our ads, including those through third-party platforms, you agree to this Policy.

Effective date: This Policy may be revised from time to time, so we encourage you to periodically check the current version available. If we revise this Policy, we will change the “Effective” date shown at the top of this page and provide a conspicuous notice on our website before any changes take effect.

Important – customers: If you have a financial product or service with us, we will use and share your personal information in accordance with the privacy settings that apply to your account in accordance with your choices at the time of account opening, our annual privacy disclosure mailing, or any changes you make/request.

What information do we collect?

Types of information we collect

When you visit or use any of our websites or mobile apps, view any of our electronic communications, or interact with one of our online ads, we may collect information from your computer(s) and your smartphone(s), tablet(s) or other mobile device(s) (together referred to as “mobile devices”).

This information includes:

  • The make and model of the computer(s) or mobile device(s) you use to visit, use, view or interact with our online services, browser version, hardware and operating system;
  • Your mobile phone number, mobile country code, unique device identifier, mobile advertising identifier (assigned by your mobile platform), information about the screen size of your mobile device(s), the date and time of your device use, and other mobile device-related information;
  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address and related information, such as your internet service provider and general location and MAC address;
  • The precise location of your mobile device(s), if enabled on your device(s) (for example, when you register to receive location-based content, such as the location of the nearest BMT branch or office, through our website or mobile apps);
  • Your browsing habits while on online services provided by us or third parties, such as search terms you entered on our websites, what pages you visit on our websites, how long you stay and what actions you take;
  • Search terms that directed you to our websites and mobile apps, which websites you came from, and which websites you visit right after leaving one of our websites;
  • Which of our ads or other online content you view, access or click on; and
  • Any actions you take in response to electronic communications that we send to you, such as opening the message or clicking an embedded link.

Third-party information

We may also collect information about you from additional online and offline sources, including our affiliates, credit reporting agencies and other third-party sources as permitted by law. (We do not pull your credit without your express permission.)

Association of information

  • We may associate the above information from your computer(s) or mobile device(s) through various means, including a unique identifier (such as IP address, customer ID, or visitor ID, unique device identifier and mobile advertising identifier) by using cookies (small data files saved to your browser by most websites) and other tracking technologies.
  • Please note: each of the categories below contains a combination of both session-based and persistent cookies. Cookies don’t capture any personal information. All information is encrypted for security. When used, these cookies enable us to identify you as our customer, track your activity on our online services and to associate your computer(s) and mobile device(s) with one another, for the purposes described in the following section. This information may include a user’s personal information, such as name, personal phone number, home or household address, email address, and similar information.
  • The main types of cookies:
    • Session cookies. These only last for the duration of your site visit and are deleted when you close your browser. Session cookies are typically used to track your movements between pages and to remember information entered within that session, often aiding website functionality or security.
    • Persistent cookies. These are not deleted when you close your browser and will be stored after your site visit. Persistent cookies are typically used to store your preferences for future visits and to provide targeted advertising based on your browsing activities and interests.
  • If you are one of our customers, we may associate the above information with your personal BMBC profile (contact information, and information about your accounts, transactions, demographics and location) and use it for the same purposes.

How do we use your information?

Deliver products and services to you, which includes:

  • Recognizing you when you return to our websites or use our mobile apps (and remembering your login user ID);
  • Verifying your identity;
  • Processing applications and transactions;
  • Using the location of your mobile device(s) for location-based services you request;
  • Managing your preferences (such as your language preference) and providing a more personalized experience;
  • Facilitating the operation of our websites and mobile apps;
  • Providing you with updates on your accounts, products and services;

Advertise and market our products and services, which includes:

  • Posting ads through third-party websites or mobile apps that may be of interest to you;
  • Using your IP Address to display available product interest rates for your region or state;
  • Contacting you with ads, event invitations, promotions and offers that may be of interest to you (as permitted by law and consistent with any marketing preferences that we offer and you have registered);

Prevent and detect fraud and enhance the security of your account and our online services;

Conduct market research, reporting and development to better understand our customers, website visitors, and mobile app users, improve our online services, and improve our products and services; and

Other ways as required or permitted by law or with your consent.

Aggregated anonymized information

We may also aggregate and anonymize information about you (so that it does not identify you individually). This aggregated anonymized information is not subject to this Policy, and we may use it as permitted by law.

How do we share your information?

We may share personal information about you, and information collected from your computer(s) and mobile device(s) or received from third parties for everyday business purposes, including with:

  • Third parties to deliver products or services to you, such as sharing the location and information about your mobile device(s) with third-party mobile apps when you request directions to one of our stores;
  • Our service providers for purposes such as servicing accounts, conducting transactions, surveys, market research, data analysis, reporting, marketing, development of our products and services, and as described in this Policy;
  • Our affiliates or subsidiaries for various purposes permitted by law, including our affiliates’ advertising and marketing of their products and services to you;
  • Other financial institutions that jointly offer, endorse, or sponsor financial products or services in partnership with BMBC;
  • Other individuals or entities, when we believe that disclosure is necessary to detect, prevent, or report suspicious activities, prevent physical harm, financial loss, or violations of our agreements and policies;
  • Our affiliates or third parties in connection with a corporate transaction, such as a sale of our businesses;
  • Regulators and other organizations or individuals who are legally entitled to receive such information; and
  • For specific products or services when you have given your consent.

Other information

We may advertise our products and services and personalize content through online services offered by us, our affiliates and third parties that are not affiliated with us, by using online or mobile cookies. Some of our advertising partners may collect data from your mobile device, such as your website and app browsing habits and your mobile advertising identifier, and use it for “interest-based advertising”.  To change/remove your “cookie” tracking preferences on, click here.

Our personalized or tailored ads and content may include:

  • Prescreened offers of credit;
  • Ads and content based upon your location (e.g., IP address or location of your mobile device), your computer(s) and mobile device(s), your visits to and use of online services offered by us or our affiliates, your customer relationship with us (e.g., contact information, and accounts, transactions, demographics and location) and other information described above;
  • Ads based upon the above information and your visits to and use of online services offered by non-affiliated third parties, which are referred to as “interest based advertising” (“IBA”);
  • Promoted posts on social media, search engine and webmail sites, based upon your contact information in our files; and
  • Ads on search engine websites based upon search terms that you enter on the search engine websites.

If you click on one of our ads, a cookie, the mobile advertising identifier of your device and other tracking technologies, may be used to track the effectiveness of our advertising and to display tailored ads for our products or services.

Opt-out options:

  • Other opt-outs: Some search engine websites and social media platforms (e.g., Facebook) that display our search-based ads or relationship-based ads offer their own opt-outs. Please visit those sites and platforms for more information.
  • Opting out through any of these means may not stop advertising from appearing in your browser or apps, but it may make the ads you see less relevant to your interests and affect your user experience (e.g., require ongoing authentication for pre-populated information). If you erase cookies from your browser, use a different browser, or reset the ad identifier on your device, you may need to renew your opt-out choice. In addition, we may still collect data in browsers and apps for other purposes such as market research, reporting and development of our products and services.
  • We or our advertising partners may use non-cookie technologies to recognize your computer or mobile device and collect and record information about your web surfing activity including your activities on our websites. Please keep in mind that your web browser may not permit you to block the use of these non-cookie technologies, and browser settings that block cookies may have no effect on such technologies.

Additional information


This Internet Banking System brings together a combination of industry-approved security technologies to protect data for the bank and for you, our customer. It features password-controlled system entry, a Symantec-issued Digital ID for the bank’s server, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption, and a router loaded with a firewall to regulate the inflow and outflow of server traffic.

Secure access and verifying user authenticity

To begin a session with the bank’s server the user must key in a Login ID and a password. Our system, the Internet Banking System, uses a “3 strikes and you’re out” lock-out mechanism to deter users from repeated login attempts. After three unsuccessful login attempts, the system locks the user out, requiring either a designated wait period or a phone call to the bank to verify the password before re-entry into the system. Upon successful login, the Digital ID from Symantec, the experts in digital identification certificates, authenticates the user’s identity and establishes a secure session with that visitor

Secure data transfer

Once the server session is established, the user and the server are in a secured environment. Because the server has been certified as a 256-bit secure server by Symantec, data traveling between the user and the server is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. With SSL, data that travels between the bank and customer is encrypted and can only be decrypted with the public and private key pair. In short, the bank’s server issues a public key to the end user’s browser and creates a temporary private key. These two keys are the only combination possible for that session. When the session is complete, the keys expire and the whole process starts over when a new end user makes a server session.

Third-party sites & services

Our online services may contain links to websites and other online services operated by BMBC or third parties, which are not governed by this Policy. We encourage you to learn about the privacy and security practices of third parties. We are not responsible for the privacy or security of websites and other online services operated by third parties, nor the online collection, use, association, or sharing of personal or other information by third parties.

Updating your information (Customers)

The accuracy of your account information is important. If you have an account with BMBC and you find that any personal information we have or have reported to another party does not appear to be accurate, please contact us at 610-525-1700 or through one of our branches. Please include your account number, if available.

Social Media

BMBC participates in social media platforms, such as Facebook®, Instagram ®; Twitter®; and LinkedIn®, which enable online sharing and collaboration among their users. Any information or other content you post on these platforms, such as pictures, opinions or personal information, is subject to the platforms’ terms of use and privacy and security policies; please refer to their policies to better understand your rights and obligations with regard to such content.

Respecting the privacy of children

We do not knowingly market to, or solicit information from, children under the age of thirteen (13) without parental consent. We recognize that protecting the identities and privacy of children online is important and that the responsibility to do so rests with both the online industry and with parents.