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The Bryn Mawr Trust Company of Delaware

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The Bryn Mawr Trust Company of Delaware is a non-depository, limited purpose trust company formed under Delaware law. Established in 2008, we practice under a wholesale model, where we work exclusively with wealth and estate planning advisors and practitioners.  The cornerstone of our alliance recognizes and respects the long-standing relationships that your clients have developed with their teams of advisors. Our goal is to support and work with advisors to provide best in class service and solutions under Delaware law and statutes, benefitting high net worth individuals and families, businesses, and alternative business and special purpose entities.

We welcome opportunities to explore areas of mutual interest and to learn how we can assist you in achieving your clients’ goals.

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The DE Advantage

Delaware is one of the most business- and tax-friendly states in the U.S. Incorporating a business or setting up a trust in Delaware provides individuals, their families, companies, and institutions unparalleled possibilities for preserving, protecting, and transferring wealth. Affluent individuals and corporations from all 50 states consistently choose Delaware for its many wealth management advantages.


  • Personal Trust
  • Family Office Co.
  • Captive Insurance Co. & Domicile
  • Investment Management
  • Litigation Management
  • Business Transactions

Work With Us

Working with The Bryn Mawr Trust Company of Delaware

Our work philosophy and values are captured in three words: available, responsive, and accessible. When you need us, we will be there to listen and to consider fully your or your clients’ evolving financial needs, and offer thoughtfully considered Delaware-advantaged strategies and solutions.


We work with you, as a client’s attorney, accountant, investment manager, or other advisor to achieve results. When the proper authorities are in place, we may hold a fiduciary responsibility that can be expanded or contracted based on the terms of the governing instruments.

Our structured workflow ensures review of trust-related and other documents in a timely manner.


A client’s needs for confidentiality and contractual flexibility is our top priority. We may use Delaware’s favorable laws and statutes to help achieve your goals and privacy when the proper governing instruments and any required authorizations are in place.

We collaborate with you and your advisors, listening and adjusting services and solutions to meet your lifestyle and needs.

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