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Maybe you’ve built a successful business. Or maybe you are the leader of a for-profit entity. Whichever you identify as, you are always working to make a better tomorrow. Choose Bryn Mawr Trust Wealth Management as your partner to provide financial expertise with personalized planning, advice, and value-added service.

For more than 130 years, Bryn Mawr Trust has helped successful business owners and businesses navigate investment and wealth management planning to meet your business and personal goals.

Whether it’s succession, investing in your own retirement, supporting your employees’ retirement, or complex plans for helping lead your employer to the next level, Bryn Mawr Trust listens to your goals and offers planning, advice and a team dedicated to your needs.

The Planning Process

Step 1:

Understanding Your Situation and Defining Our Relationship

Share your vision, values, and objectives to set the direction of our work. Together, we assess your goals to better understand your current financial situation that will build the scope of a plan.

Step 2:

The Deep Dive: Identify and Select Goals

Our relationship will be pointed and personal to discover what matters most to you. An open and honest conversation helps us understand what you want to accomplish — your priorities and objectives.

Step 3:

Analyze and Evaluate Options

Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your existing strategies and identifies gaps or shortfalls. Then, we consider potential alternative solutions for the next course of action.

Step 4:

Develop Planning Recommendations

We research banking, wealth management, and insurance solutions and collaborate with your outside advisors to create a personalized plan with a well-defined purpose for your wealth.

Step 5:

Present Planning Recommendations

We present our analysis and planning recommendations to you, sharing different models and scenarios that illustrate current and potential planning options. Together, we discuss alternatives and determine the appropriate steps toward your achievement.

Step 6:

Implement Strategies

Your Bryn Mawr Trust relationship team works to implement your action plans. We proactively engage and coordinate efforts among investment advisors, wealth advisors, private bankers, and outside advisors to fulfill your plan.

Step 7:

Monitor Progress

Progress toward your priorities is monitored carefully. Subsequent next steps in planning are updated as your goals and circumstances evolve.

eMoney: A Plan for Life1

Investment Management Business Owner

How do I plan for my future
beyond my business?

Your business has been successful, and you’ve built significant personal wealth. Having an independent partner help you ask the right questions and provide solutions with plans for vital growth.

Succession Planning for Businesses

Who will have the authority to continue the companies operation?

There comes a point in time when almost every business owner or business executive contemplates the future of the business. Having an independent partner help you ask the right questions and provide the answers with a plan for growth or succession is necessary for your company’s future.

Company Sponsored Retirement Consulting

How do I help my employees
think about tomorrow?

Helping your employees plan, save, and invest for their futures is a key benefit to attracting and retaining employees. You need a team who has the knowledge and experience setting up and guiding retirement plans for organizations of all sizes. Our goal is to help you and your employees find the right path toward creating a better future.

WSFS Private Banking

Can I get more support from my
complex banking needs?

Your business and personal banking needs are complex. Through the concierge banking service of Bryn Mawr Trust’s Private Bank, you will have access to dedicated banking and lending experts who will work with you to navigate the ever-changing intricacies of your unique banking and lending needs.

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This week we examine the resilience of the U.S. economy and explore the implications of subdued market volatility.

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