The Bryn Mawr Trust Company of Delaware

The Bryn Mawr Trust Company of Delaware offers clients The Delaware Advantage. We provide wealth management strategies and services that utilize the range of legal and business advantages that are part of Delaware’s exceptional trust and tax environment.

Our collaborative approach to service includes working with legal, tax and financial advisors creating the most effective wealth transfer and investment solutions for individuals of wealth, their families, corporations and business owners.

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Personal Trust Services

Delaware is an attractive domicile to help grow, protect, and preserve wealth for future generations. We provide a myriad of trust and financial management services, ensuring trusts are efficiently administered in accordance with the governing instrument.

Some trust and agent services include:

  • Asset Protection Trusts
  • Delaware Directed Trusts
  • Discretionary Trusts – fully managed trusts
  • Dynasty Trusts
  • Purpose Trusts
  • Custody & Safekeeping
  • Agent to Individual Trustees
  • Investment Management

Family Office Company Services

The Bryn Mawr Trust Company of Delaware serves as a corporate fiduciary and administrative trustee for tax-advantaged solutions for discerning family office teams around the globe. Our seasoned trust officers collaborate with family offices and your client’s trusted service partners to ensure the family office needs are met. We are an independent provider of financial services to the family office community. Our independence affords us the opportunity to introduce, on an a la carte basis, a suite of trust, agency, banking, cash management, and bill pay services offered through our parent company and affiliates.

  • Tax reporting and filing
  • Bill pay services
  • Corporate trustee
  • Philanthropic and charitable planning
  • Cash management
  • Entity management
  • Business planning and exit strategies
  • Business transaction & agency appointments
  • Directed LLC Manager
  • Private banking, including mortgage and loan services
  • Insurance and risk management solutions

Captive Insurance Company & Domicile Services

We provide personal and corporate/institutional trust services for Fortune 1000 companies, private business owners, corporate risk managers, and captive insurance managers. Discerning captive managers and business owners with insurable risks are provided individually designed turnkey solutions for captive and entity structures. 


  • Statutory Trustee for entities formed as a statutory trust
  • Collateral Trustee for risk pool arrangements
  • Custodian and agent to safe keep captive reserve and surplus assets         

Investment Management Services

Our affiliated company, Bryn Mawr Trust, specializing in individually designed investment strategies to meet specific income and growth objectives.

A personal Wealth Advisory Team works with you to determine requirements for income, growth, liquidity, and preservation of capital, while analyzing risk tolerances and time and tax constraints. The financial picture that emerges serves as a framework for a portfolio that fulfills investment objectives.

Litigation Management Services

Grow your litigation practice with The Bryn Mawr Trust Company of Delaware, a firm with whom you can collaborate and build a long-standing working relationship. When a trustee or agency need arises to support a claims settlement, we work quickly and accurately with care and attention for the claimants and class stakeholders. Key services include:

Trust Services

  • Delaware Statutory Trustee
  • Qualified Settlement Fund Trustee

Agency Services

  • Claims Processing Agent
  • Cash & Funds Management
  • Claims Paying & Disbursing Agent
  • Defendant’s Escrow Agent
  • Settlement Appeal Escrow Agent

Business Transaction Services

This suite, provided in conjunction with our affiliated companies, includes investment, agency, and cash management related services. We support clients’ specific business transactions, regulatory mandates, strategic initiatives, alternative risk management structures, supply chain management, and vendor contracting.  These transaction-based services can be coupled with personal trust services designed for business owners and senior corporate executives, and include:

Tax Motivated Services

  • Delaware statutory trustee in support of TIC and REIT sponsors
  • 1031 Like kind exchange escrow noteholder
  • Delaware passive investment company services

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Services

  • Escrow agent
  • Pledge and collateral agent
  • Reverse merges leveraging Delaware law

Off-balance Sheet Financings

  • Delaware statutory trustee
  • Entity management services
  • Property trustee
  • Owner trustee

General Cash Management

  • Investment management services
  • Cash management services/ cash waterfall “trap” accounts
  • Perfected security interests and account control agreements

Alternative Risk Management Structures

  • Self-insurance trusts
  • Captive insurance companies
  • Reinsurance trusts

Specialized Services

  • Government contracting
  • Intellectual property (IP) licensing
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