Endowments, Nonprofits & Foundations

When you are doing the most good for others, Bryn Mawr Trust Wealth Management is focused on you

Your connection to a [  MISSION  ] fulfilled

You are always working to make tomorrow better, and you have the responsibility to manage your organization today. Choosing Bryn Mawr Trust Wealth Management as your partner when it comes to the stewardship of your endowment or foundation will provide you with the financial expertise and value-added service so you can focus on your mission.

Bryn Mawr Trust has advised and managed endowments for more than 130 years, ensuring they pass to the next generation stronger and better equipped to solve social challenges.

Whether it’s a family legacy or a nonprofit endowment carefully built over time, Bryn Mawr Trust listens to your goals and offers planning, advice and a team dedicated to your needs.

Institutional Services

How do we make our organization
more capable?

You’re strongest when you have great networks and access to best practices. Bryn Mawr Trust Wealth Management helps make a strong organization accessible by offering networking and educational events for Board and staff, tailored trainings just for your organization, and a library of resources on timely issues.

Building Sustainable Nonprofits

How do we create a sustainable organization?

As an endowment, foundation or nonprofit leader, you know the strength and creativity of the charitable sector. Bryn Mawr Trust offers you over 130 years of expertise in meeting the unique needs of these institutions.

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Investment Management

How can our endowments do more?

The investments you make are a key part of how your foundation or endowment will be able to reach your goals. So it’s important to have a partner ask the right questions to discover not only what the goals of the foundation or endowment are, but what is the best path to reach them.

WSFS Private Banking

How do I best manage my
day-to-day banking?

As your organization grows and becomes more complex, so do your banking needs. This is when it helps to have dedicated banking and lending experts who understand the complexities of your situation and can help with the day-to-day needs.

Two the Point

Market Insights in Two Minutes

In our weekly video series, we highlight one observation we think is most important regarding the economy and the financial markets.

This week we discuss the federal reserve looking to balance inflation and growth.

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