Trust & Estate Planning

Shaping your legacy with a plan

What you’ll be remembered for is leaving a lasting impact for the people and organizations that mean the most to you. Your legacy is more than just a few lines in a Will; it should be a carefully designed plan that will be administered to your wishes by a partner as invested in your legacy as you are.

The wealth you have built and grown should be protected. There is no better way to pass your assets on to a new generation or a beloved cause than to have a well-thought-out plan that minimizes the tax burden while maximizing your impact.

What do I want my legacy to be?

Trust Oversight and Administration

If you are looking to establish an Irrevocable or Revocable Trust, Tax-Planning Trust, or Special Needs Trust, turn to Bryn Mawr Trust for help with all the complexities of trust oversight and administration.

Bryn Mawr Trust can serve as trustee or agent of the trustee. With the highest ethical standards as well as an objective perspective, we strive to properly administer trusts in accordance with your purpose and instructions.

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The Nevada Advantage

Safe. Sound. Secure.

Nevada is one of the most trust-friendly states that promotes flexibility along with tax and non-tax advantages. We know our Clients and the true value of establishing long-term trusts to protect and preserve their wealth for themselves and future generations.

In establishing new trusts or transferring existing trusts to a more favorable jurisdiction, Clients should consider the advantages of a Nevada-based trustee.  Nevada is recognized as a favorable jurisdiction for forming and maintaining trusts, with many advantages. 

Click HERE for 10 Reasons to Select Nevada for Trusts.

While each matter is unique, your experience with Bryn Mawr Trust is consistent. We provide independent, objective, and reliable trust solutions and services.

Estate Settlement and Wealth Transfer

You’ve watched your assets grow and know you must plan for a time when you or a loved one are gone. We understand the delicacy involved in providing personal attention when it is needed the most. 

Our role as an executor is to successfully complete all tasks necessary to fully settle your estate according to your testamentary plan. Our Team works collaboratively with your family, estate attorney, and trusted advisors to marshal assets, resolve administrative issues, minimize tax consequences, and transfer wealth promptly and efficiently to your beneficiaries.

As executors of your estate, we will be responsible for:

  • Collecting, valuing, preserving, and making appropriate disposition of your assets, including real property, tangible property, closely held businesses, and other properties
  • Settling debts and paying claims
  • Preparing all necessary estate, inheritance, and income tax returns
  • Keeping meticulous records to provide your beneficiaries with a detailed final accounting
  • Distributing estate assets and closing the estate

Special Needs Trust

Your primary concern is how to care for a loved one with special needs. Whether that means equipment, or specialized services, you want to ensure there is a plan in place not just today but for their lifetime. Our dedicated Special Needs Trust team is led by professionals with expertise in the practical, personal and financial aspects for individuals with special needs and their families.

How we
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  • Comprehensive Estate & Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Trust Administration

Tomorrow Starts Today

Skillful stewardship is the cornerstone of Bryn Mawr Trust’s team.  We invite you to learn more. 
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