Two the Point — Resilient Growth and Emerging Opportunities

This week we explore the latest economic trends and investment opportunities, highlighting the U.S. economy’s strong growth and the promising landscape for investors.

Key Points:

  • U.S. Economic Resilience: Q4 2023 saw GDP growth of 3.3%, exceeding expectations.
  • Consumer Impact: Personal consumption expenditures continue to drive the economy, increasing at a 2.8% pace.
  • Business Investment: Despite higher interest rates, there was a 2.1% rise in gross investment, indicating strong business confidence.
  • Consumer Spending and Income: Slight slowdown in income growth, but consumer spending is on the rise, showing enduring economic confidence.
  • Inflation Moderation: The Core PCE index is at its lowest since March 2021, indicating controlled inflation.
  • Investment Opportunities: Current economic conditions appear favorable, especially for smaller companies.
  • Outlook: Early estimates suggest a robust 3.0% GDP growth in Q1 of 2024, indicating a stable and positive economic trajectory.



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