Two the Point — Unique Investing Opportunities Revealed

This week we explore the contrasting narratives of the Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) and Coincident Economic Indicators (CEI), revealing unique investment opportunities as the market underestimates the strength of the U.S. economy.

Key Themes and Data Points:

The LEI Trend:

  • Decreased for 23 consecutive months since December 2021.
  • Unprecedented length without a subsequent recession.
  • Indicates complexities and nuances in the current business cycle.

The CEI Performance:

  • Rose by 0.2% in January, reaching a record high.
  • Contradicts the recession forecast implied by LEI.
  • Suggest ongoing economic growth.

Market Expectations vs. Reality:

  • Discrepancy between market perception and economic resilience.
  • Opportunities in undervalued sectors due to the market’s underestimation of economic strength.

Investment Strategy Focus:

  • Emphasis on interpreting economic signals within a broader market context.
  • Portfolio adjustments based on expected versus actual economic outcomes.
  • Aim to capitalize on insights and stay ahead of market trends.



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