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Capital Markets

BMT’s Capital Markets team works with customers by delivering risk management products and innovative structuring strategies to high net worth individuals, small businesses, commercial developers, and middle market corporations. Our Interest Rate Hedging team engages with commercial and corporate borrowers to offer competitive and customized lending solutions using swaps and other debt hedging instruments. Our International Services team helps individuals and companies minimize cross-border currency and counterparty risk with more efficient and effective international payment practices using a variety of Foreign Exchange and Trade Finance product capabilities. Our hallmark is in creating lasting, integral relationships for BMT while making the customers we work with more effective in what they seek to accomplish through best-in-class education, capabilities, execution, and support.

Interest Rate

The Capital Markets team at BMT works directly with commercial and corporate borrowers to deliver risk management strategies and product structuring solutions.

International Services for Businesses

Whether you are buying or selling goods or services across borders, acquiring or divesting a foreign asset, executing a significant capital expenditure or investing in foreign markets, BMT offers a range of international services designed to meet your needs.

International Services for Individuals

Providing the globalized individual with cost savings and security when transacting cross-borders. Leverage BMT’s worldwide market access to receive corporate level exchange rates as a consumer. 

Letters of Credit

A standby letter of credit supports the performance of contractual arrangements between two parties. The letter of credit is an independent obligation taken on by the issuing bank.

Correspondent Banking

Backed by decades of experience working for and with community banks, we partner with our clients to deliver customized analysis, tools, and expertise to manage risk and drive bottom line results.

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Market Insights

  • BMT Monday Market Insights – July 26, 2021
    In this week’s Monday Market Insights, we discuss the uptick of volatility within the equity markets over the past two weeks, the substantial decline in bond yields and the status of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Our Chart of the Week highlights the correction in the average stock within the Russell 1000 Index over the past three months. Finally, we look at the recent underperformance of small cap stocks and make the case for their reasserting themselves as leadership.
  • BMT Monday Market Insights – July 19, 2021
    In this week’s Monday Market Insights, we discuss recent inflation data, the start of the second-quarter earnings season and China’s second quarter GDP. Our Chart of the Week highlights recent government bond trends, and where we expect them to go from here. Finally, we look at the recovery in consumer foot traffic and how it impacts our positioning.
  • Mid-Year 2021 Top 10 List
    In our final Monday Market Insights piece of 2019, we asked, “How should people think about investing amid the realization that unpredictability is always a feature of financial markets?” In hindsight, we could not have posed a more relevant question. This year has been unpredictable in so many ways, and we doubt that a global pandemic causing the most abrupt economic slowdown in our lifetimes was a feature of many 2020 investment outlooks. But here we are again, faced with the challenge of investing in a world that feels as uncertain as ever.