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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Financing

When you have a commercial real estate project, you need a team with expertise in real estate financing. You need the team at Bryn Mawr Trust.  We offer financing for all major real estate sectors — office, retail, industrial, multi-family residential and more.  With our deep understanding of the industry and our proven underwriting abilities, BMT originates secured real estate transactions of all types and sizes.  We offer fixed and variable rate permanent loans and variable rate construction loans. Your dedicated BTM relationship manager has the experience to find financing options suited to your specialized real estate projects.

Key areas of focus:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial/Warehouse
  • Storage Facilities
  • Multi-family rental
  • Student housing
  • Select hospitality

How we work with you:


Your relationship manager will work with you and your team to understand your goals and help you accomplish them.


Local decision makers will develop specific financing, deposit, and project cashflow options to meet your project’s need to ensure your project’s needs are met from ground-up to completion.


As your project progresses, so do your needs. With the OneBMT approach, we can bring insurance, capital markets, wealth management, and cash management experts from BMT to the table to work along with your professional advisors, attorneys, and accountants with one goal- the successful completion of your project.

Borrowing for Commercial Real Estate

You are looking for loan options that are for ground-up construction or substantial rehabilitation of buildings, the BMT Commercial Real Estate Team and relationship managers work with developers and owners to build or rehab their commercial properties. With specialized experience, we work with projects of all sizes collaborating with your team of advisors or helping you with our experts.

Permanent Loans

You want to undertake a new real estate acquisition, or restructure what you own, our expert relationship managers help guide your real estate investments over the funding finish line.  

Construction Loans

Whether it is development of condominiums, offices, warehouses, storage facilities, apartments or retail projects we have innovative solutions to meet your needs. BMT Relationship Managers can structure and service loans, offering conversions to permanent loans.

Built Construction Manager

Managing construction loans the simple way is closer than you think. We are dedicated to enhancing the customer experience and excited to offer our customers a simple, cloud-based digital tool for uploading itemized draw requests.

Residential Tract Development Loans

You may be a smaller developer looking for single-lot loan structure, or a larger developer looking to finance multiple lots, BMT alongside our vendors assist you in building successful developments. We offer financing solutions with interest reserve creation; appropriate repayment structures and extension options. Our Residential Tract Developers also benefit from the Built Construction Manger.

Standby Letter of Credit

Standby letters of credit have many applications, but are often used in lieu of cash deposits, or as performance or bid bonds in both domestic and international deals.

Commercial Deposit Accounts

Multiple Checking & Savings Account options to suit your business. Learn More

Managing the Day-to-Day Funds

Each real estate project has different cashflow and money management needs. Your BMT Relationship Manager will work with you to ensure you have the right suite of deposit and cash management tools to make it easy to control your project’s funds.

Mitigate Your Risk

Capital Markets

BMT’s Capital Markets team works directly with our commercial and corporate borrowers by providing risk management strategies and product structuring solutions. By managing interest rate risk with hedging instruments, borrowers protect themselves against rising debt servicing costs. Interest rate hedging solutions are commonly used in conjunction with approaching debt refinancing, construction to permanent loans, term borrowings, interest rate resets, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial lines of credit.

BMT Insurance Advisors

With BMT Insurance Advisors, your experts in providing risk management solutions for commercial projects and developers, you can know you and your project are protected. From liability policies to more complex needs such as worker’s comp or builder’s risk, we identify exposures that may interfere with your project’s success.

Standby Letters of Credit

Standby letters of credit can be used to support a variety of performance or financial obligations in fields such as construction, insurance, energy, leasing, and trade. Learn More

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