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Category: Wealth Perspectives

Will Personal Umbrella Liability Cover Me?

As we look forward to summer with filling up swimming pools, cookouts, entertaining, boating, motorcycling, or even enjoying your kids or grandkids on their newly purchased trampoline, now is a goodtime to stop and think about adding or increasing personal umbrella liability insurance. Often called “Umbrella Protection,” personal excess liability insurance expands your protection beyond […]

Identifying Key Documents

No one can be completely prepared for the unexpected. But in looking ahead, it’s always important to prepare or update important key documents so there will be less to worry about when the unexpected arrives. A key documents file includes all things of a personal nature that you might need to access in an emergency. […]

Potential Implications of the American Families Plan

On April 28, 2021, President Biden released his American Families Plan. This plan includes some, but not all, of the proposals Biden made during the presidential campaign. While the plan expands child tax credits and the earned income tax credit, it calls for tax increases on high-income individuals. It is important to note that this […]