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Wealth Management

Connecting you to your purpose and promise with advice and planning

Our Client Promise

Individuals, multi-generational families, and institutions have turned to us for more than 130 years, and our client promise is simple: We focus our full attention, abilities and resources on you.  With collaborative advice and planning, we’ll connect you to your purpose and promise.

Your Experience as a Client


Share your vision and values while we take a deeper look to discover what matters most.


Work together with all the experts and tools available to chart the course to
reaching your objectives.


Even after implementation, we work with you to monitor your plan progress, and make recommendations as your needs change.

The Planning Process

Step 1:

Understanding Your Situation and Defining Our Relationship

Share your vision, values, and objectives to set the direction of our work. Together, we assess your goals to better understand your current financial situation that will build the scope of a plan.

Step 2:

The Deep Dive: Identify and Select Goals

Our relationship will be pointed and personal to discover what matters most to you. An open and honest conversation helps us understand what you want to accomplish — your priorities and objectives.

Step 3:

Analyze and Evaluate Options

Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your existing strategies and identifies gaps or shortfalls. Then, we consider potential alternative solutions for the next course of action.

Step 4:

Develop Planning Recommendations

We research banking, wealth management, and insurance solutions and collaborate with your outside advisors to create a personalized plan with a well-defined purpose for your wealth.

Step 5:

Present Planning Recommendations

We present our analysis and planning recommendations to you, sharing different models and scenarios that illustrate current and potential planning options. Together, we discuss alternatives and determine the appropriate steps toward your achievement.

Step 6:

Implement Strategies

Your BMT relationship team works to implement your action plans. We proactively engage and coordinate efforts among investment advisors, wealth advisors, private bankers, and outside advisors to fulfill your plan.

Step 7:

Monitor Progress

Progress toward your priorities is monitored carefully. Subsequent next steps in planning are updated as your goals and circumstances evolve.

eMoney: A Plan for Life1


Market Insights

  • BMT Quarterly Market Insights, Spring 2021
    If you close your eyes, it probably doesn’t take much effort to recall the emotions you felt in March 2020 – confusion, anger, fear, to name a few. As we pass the first anniversary of the COVID-19 market low, you may find yourself on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum – hope, optimism, and the fear of missing out have taken center stage. All it took was the quickest 30% decline in the history of the S&P 500 (22 days – with the runners up all having occurred in and around the Great Depression), followed by a 78% rally over the next 12-months to take investors from optimism, to complete despair, to non-fungible digital tokens selling for $70 million. What a ride.
  • BMT Monday Market Insights – April 5, 2021
    In this week’s Monday Market Insights, we discuss the breadth of the current market advance, our expectations for higher earnings, and the implications of President Biden’s tax agenda. In the chart of the week we look at the changing dynamics of “momentum,” and how that will serve as a further headwind for the technology sector. We end with more discussion on the valuation differential between growth and value stocks.
  • BMT Monday Market Insights – March 29, 2021
    In this week’s Monday Market Insights, we highlight the recent decline in long-term interest rates from peak levels, provide an overview of the Biden Administration’s recently announced spending plan, and discuss why we think the economic environment will continue to benefit cyclical sectors. In our Chart of the Week, we examine the market prospects during the second year following a rapid rise in stock prices. Finally, in the Commentary section, we address the topic of investor stock concentration.