Brokerage & Investments with Bryn Mawr Trust Asset Management

Take control of your investing strategy

Brokerage & Investments with Bryn Mawr Trust Asset Management

Bryn Mawr Trust Asset Management offers advice on a range of investment options that are based on our cornerstone philosophy of quality and asset allocation. Our goal is to build wealth and provide consistent growth over time through a symbiotic relationship between you, the investor, and us, your broker.

We conduct extensive quantitative and qualitative research on the universe of investment options available in order to identify the funds and managers that are best suited to meet your needs. Our collaborative, open platform approach allows us to provide truly objective advice to help you reach your investment goals.

How can I have a hand in making my own investment decisions?

How can I have a hand in making my own investment decisions?

Investment Strategy – High-quality Investments & Broad Diversification

You want to preserve and grow your wealth. We deliver that by collaborating with you and recommending diversified investment portfolios that use stable, high-quality investments balancing risk and return.

Open Platform With Objective Advice

You want truly objective advice with an open investment platform. Our platform allows us to work with you to determine the best investment options available using a comprehensive fund and investment manager selection process. Your team has access to various investment instruments available and we base our investment recommendations on the best strategy to meet your unique goals.

Regular Communication and Exceptional Service

You should never feel left in the dark by your broker. That’s why we communicate regularly with you through updates on the financial world, trends and other information that is useful to you. We also provide quarterly reports on your portfolio, meet annually to review changes to your strategy, identify any changes or external events that might impact your investments. Our professionals are available to meet anytime on request and we take pride in our long tradition of exceptional customer service.

How we
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  • Objective Advice
  • Open Platform
  • Collaboration

Tomorrow Starts Today

Skillful stewardship is the cornerstone of Bryn Mawr Trust’s team.  We invite you to learn more. 
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